About MXRD

MXRD courses are held at various Tracks throughout NSW. One-on-one and small group training is also available mid-week and occasional weekends at a MXRD facility or a private track of your own.


These areas have been specifically targeted to improve a rider's speed and comfort on the bike and are tailored to suit each rider to ensure improved results. All the basics are covered at our Motocross schools, and advanced techniques for the more advanced riders. Aaron provides private mentoring to further focus on race tactics, advanced bike techniques and off bike preparation. The program also focuses on goal setting, giving riders direction and a plan to help them pursue their short and long term goals. With no plan or sense of direction comes no results.

Aaron continually strives for excellence in both himself and his students and as a result has a number of young riders achieving impressive results in all levels of the sport.

Our Philosophy

MXRD aims to promote the sport of motocross by running regular training days and supporting both junior and senior riders in their efforts to improve their confidence and ability.

MXRD’s goal is for you and your team to know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals and be confident in the knowledge passed on to you. We believe it is in this environment that champions are created.

Services provided by MXRD

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